ViSensi Ltd.

About Visensi Ltd.

Visensi Ltd. is a research and development team which provides development of electronic products under customer request.

It is concentrated in embedded electronic products, specifically in sensors development, sensors integration, sensor data analysis, image recognition, data interpretation and then embedded networking and internet transfer of data, WWW visualization. Visensi's team develops whole embedded computer units with casing, software, sensor integration as well as some types of effector's driving.

Visensi Ltd. work is frequently worth of intellectual property registration.

Some examples of finished projects are shown here.

Visensi pre-develops some hardware and related software for analysis of data, which could be integrated readily in your embedded solutions. You can see them here.

The solutions provided by the members of the R&D Team were used for: video and image recognition, seismic data acquisition and analysis of intruders in CCTV zones, creating Image Signal Processors IP property, producing developer kits for specific cameras. Over 150 web sites were created by Visensi team members using different technologies of Web development.

Visensi Ltd. partners with members of academic institutions (primarily from the institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia University) in order to solve more complex problems, specifically when some production or prototyping services are needed or scientific expertise. Mostly all of the team members are involved also in academic research activity.

The team is composed by software&hardware developers with extensive developer experience in diverse domains. Most of them have PhD degree and some of the rest are in process of defending such degree. One associate and four assistant professors are also affiliated to the team. Out of their principal embedded development activity, the members of the team have extensive research interests in: applied mathematics, computer linguistic, semiconductor, medical & nuclear physics, cognitive sciences, image recognition & artificial intelligence.

The software& hardware technologies used up to now by the team members are described here.

Some example of sensors, providing data toward the Web, are displayed in section Multisensors.


The first open market product, now we launch, is the Vifff-024 Beagleboard compatible camera board, which uses the very sensitive industrial grade CMOS image sensor of Aptina - MT9V024.