ViSensi Ltd.


Selected projects

A Multi-sensor Device for Smart Homes

Our team have developed a multi-sensor device that process the incoming data from different types of sensors in real time and transmits it to a PC via a wireless XBee MESH network. The device includes sensors for atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, sound, dust particles and EM fields.

The research is part of the national project A Feasibility Study on Cyber Threats Identification and their Relationship with Users' Behavioural Dynamics in Future Smart Homes, Research Grant 'Funding of Fundamental & Applied Scientific Research in Priority Fields', Bulgarian Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, 2012-2014, DFNI-Т01/4

Feature Extraction from Landscape Images

We have developed a neural network classifier for feature extraction from landscape images. The classifier is capable to estimate different areas in an image such as sky, foliage, clouds, rock and grass.

This research was part of an joint project between our team and MM Solutions AD for developing Image Processing Algorithms by requirements of the third largest semiconductor company in the USA.

Traffic Surveillance

This a demo of traffic surveillance software with capabilities for tracking, counting and recognition of types of vehicles. It calculates speed, coordinates and absolute size, regardsless the perspective.

People Tracking

This demo demonstrates tracking and recognition of objects.

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